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Toyota Avanza Price and Specifications

[nggallery id=5] TOYOTA AVANZA PRICE Variant Engine Price Avanza 1.3 J 5-Speed M/T (5 seater) Php593,000.00 Avanza 1.3 J 5-Speed M/T (7 seater) Php613,000.00 Avanza 1.5 G 4-Speed A/T Php843,000.00 Avanza 1.5 G 5-Speed M/T Php803,000.00   TOYOTA AVANZA SPECIFICATIONS   1.5 G 4-Speed A/T 1.5 G 5-Speed M/T 1.3 J 5-Speed M/T ENGINE Model […]

Toyota Alphard (The New Alphard) Price and Specifications

[nggallery id=4] TOYOTA ALPHARD PRICE grade ENGINE Price Alphard 2.4 Gas A/T Php 2,790,000.00 Alphard 2.4 Gas A/T (White Pearl) Php 2,805,000.00 Alphard 3.5 Gas A/T Php 2,980,000.00 Alphard 3.5 Gas A/T (White Pearl) Php 2,995,000.00   TOYOTA ALPHARD SPECIFICATIONS   2.4L 3.5L  Transmission Transmission 4-speed automatic 6-speed automatic   2.4L 3.5L DIMENSIONS WEIGHT Overall […]

Toyota Land Cruiser Prado Price and Specifications (Toyota Prado)

[nggallery id=3] TOYOTA LAND CRUISER PRADO PRICE Engine Price Variant 1 3.0 A/T Php 3,595,000.00 2 3.0 A/T White Pearl Php 3,610,000.00 3 3.0 M/T Php 3,495,000.00 4 3.0 M/T White Pearl Php 3,510,000.00   TOYOTA PRADO SPECIFICATIONS   DIESEL   1KD-FTV A/T 1KD-FTV M/T ENGINE Model 1KD-FTV 1KD-FTV Type 4-Cylinder Inline 16 Valve DOHC […]

Toyota Prius Price and Specifications

[nggallery id=2] TOYOTA PRIUS PRICE Model Engine Price Prius 3rd Gen 2ZR-FXE 1.8 Hybrid Php 2,250,000.00 Prius 3rd Gen 2ZR-FXE 1.8 Hybrid (White Pearl) Php 2,265,000.00   TOYOTA PRIUS SPECIFICATIONS   1.8 HSD TRANSMISSION Transmission Type Electronically Controlled Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) with ECO and Power Mode Settings Suspension Front Macpherson Strut-type with Stabilizer Suspension […]

Toyota Previa Price and Specifications

[nggallery id=1] TOYOTA PREVIA PRICE Variant Engine Price Previa 2.4 Gas A/T Php 2,282,000.00 Previa 2.4 Gas A/T (White Pearl) Php 2,297,000.00 Previa 2.4 Q Gas A/T Php 2,452,000.00 Previa 2.4 Q Gas A/T (White Pearl) Php 2,467,000.00   TOYOTA PREVIA SPECIFICATIONS   Full Option (Q) Standard Option CHASSIS Suspension Front MacPherson Strut Type with […]

Claim Parcel Sent via USPS at Philippine Postal Office

I decided to write this article to share my experience with USPS. Last January 27, 2011, I bought a Toshiba Satellite laptop at online using my credit card. The transaction process and delivery of the parcel went smoothly as expected. Lucky me! Because, I am actually worried at first after reading some related articles […]

Diamond Antenna F23H hit by Lightning Strike

  August 19, 2010 seems like a perfect day for me. Waking up early for work and packing some foods and snacks preparing for another tiring day from morning until the evening of the day.During lunch break at the office, I already noticed the sudden change in the weather outside. Rain drops started to fall […]

Adobe Photoshop Keyboard Shortcut Keys formatting type

  Keys for formatting type This is not a complete list of keyboard shortcuts. This table lists only those shortcuts that are not displayed in menu commands or tool tips. Result Windows Mac OS Align left, center, or right Horizontal Type tool + Control + Shift + L, C, or R Horizontal Type tool + Command […]

Adobe Photoshop Keyboard Shortcut Keys Function keys

  Function keys Result Windows Mac OS Start Help F1 Help key Undo/Redo   F1 Cut F2 F2 Copy F3 F3 Paste F4 F4 Show/Hide Brushes panel F5 F5 Show/Hide Color panel F6 F6 Show/Hide Layers panel F7 F7 Show/Hide Info panel F8 F8 Show/Hide Actions panel F9 Option + F9 Revert F12 F12 Fill Shift […]

Adobe Photoshop Keyboard Shortcut Keys DICOM files

  Keys for working with DICOM files (Photoshop Extended) Result Windows Mac OS Zoom tool Z Z Hand tool H H Window Level tool W W Select all frames Control + A Command + A Deselect all frames except the current frame Control + D Command + D Navigate through frames Arrow keys Arrow keys Source: […]