It’s me again po, here is another letter for your dream girl.

Dear {Name},

I have a reason why I want to live longer.

My former boring life became colourful because of you. It started from the day I’ve met you. You know why, you’ve made a great change in my life? All my brothers and sisters including my parents are so happy about the changes that happened in my life. They too, know the reason why. Because I don’t hide my feelings towards you. I told them about you.

My family ash the reason to be that way. They say, I’m the black sheep in the family. Perhaps that is so. Imagine because of ‘barkada’, my gangmates who are always engaged in drinking spree. And I have to be with them. So, what can you expect, my grades are always sliding down. Often times, my parents are at the guidance office to settle our mischievous behaviour.

But then, as time goes by, I realized that how big fool I am. I’m a mat and yet I don’t want to accept any in life. And this challenge come to me when I met you. The first and the great challenge I must hurdle. No matter what the consequences are. I thank God for knowing you.

I realized the meaning of the words perseverance, determination, guts, and faith in God. I am now a determined person with a renewed faith in life.

Although your response to this letter doesn’t contain or manifest that you love me, yet it made me feel exulted. I can sense for the moment that you care for me as a fellow human being. Thus I said to myself, it is heave to love you.

You made me realized that every human being is very important and has role to play in this world. I know you don’t circumnavigate the issue. You are just too humane in your outlook in life.

I will wait for the red letter day in my life. I hope you will give it to me the soonest possible time.

Your kindness, beautiful outlook in life and your charming personality will always be in my heart.

Sincerely yours,

{Your name}