Windows remote desktop XP

Windows remote desktop connection

When you have two or more computers at home or in the office and you were asked by your daughter or an office mate to do some maintenance or configuration or software installation on their computer, it would require your physical presence to perform the task. Not, when you can remotely control their computer. With Windows Remote Desktop assistance built-in to Windows, you’ll be able to access their computer as if you are just in front face to face with their computer unit.

I will assume that you are connected on a Local Area Network environment. The target computer is directly connected to the Internet with public IP address, and running on latest version of Windows such as Windows XP and Windows 7.

Here are the steps on how to activate Windows Remote Desktop assistance on a Windows XP computer. You will also learn from this article how to use Remote Desktop Assistance.

The screenshots here were taken from a Windows XP machine which is somehow similar when you are using Windows 7.

Let’s start.

First things first; you’ll have to enable Remote Desktop Service on the target computer.

1. Click Start button, find the Control Panel icon and click it.

windows control panel

2. From the Control Panel window, locate and double click the System icon.

control panel system

3. Click Remote tab.

system properties remote tab

4. Check ‘Allow users to connect remotely to this computer’.

remote desktop configuration

5. Click Select Remote Users  button.

Windows Remote desktop users

6. Select the user/s you wish to add as the account which you would want to grant access for Windows Remote Desktop. Click Add button if you wish to add a new user. Take note that you should know the password of the user you are adding as Remote users. Click Ok when you are done.

From the System Properties window, click Apply and then Ok.

Remote desktop add users

8. Add Windows Remote Desktop Assistance to the Firewall Exception. From the Control Panel Window, locate the Windows Firewall icon and double click it.

Windows firewall

9. On the Windows Firewall window, click Exception tab and then click Add Port button.

Windows firewall add exception

10. Type the Exception name (any name), in this example ‘Remote Desktop’. Type 3389 for the port Number. Protocol is set to TCP as the default. Click Ok.

Windows firewall add port number

11. You can now test if Windows Remote Desktop is working. Go back to your computer, click Start button, point to Programs, Accessories and then click on Remote Desktop Connection icon as shown in the figure below.

remote desktop icon

12. Type the IP address of the computer you wish to connect to. And then click Connect. In this example, I will remotely access a computer connected to my Local Area Network. You may type the public IP address if the target computer is connected to the Internet.

windows remote desktop

13. Boila! You should be able to see a login window. Type the username and password configured for remote connection.

remote desktop login

Now you can remotely connect to a computer without physically in front of their computers.

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