Is it true that there are gadgets that could significantly reduce your power consumption at home, in computer shops, restaurants, offices or schools?

Gadgets such as these are nowadays available in the market, in malls like Robinson’s and SM. In 2008, while inside Robinson’s mall, I saw a promo guy who was demonstrating the product Power Saver Max. He showed to his audience with full of guts and confidence that the product has an effect to your power meter, slowing it down a little bit, and will save you a lot of money in the future. During his demo, he connected three electrical appliances, a washing maching motor, light bulb and a small electric fan. Without the Power Saver Max device, he noted the power reading using a tester unit. And then he plugged-in the Power Saver Max unit, took the power reading, and compared the result to his audience. The product seems promising to me and ofcourse to the rest of us there as it seems the product promotes energy efficiency. Usage is very easy and there’s no need for the original circuitry to be dismantled, just simply pug it in to your AC outlet. After some questions and answers, I was convinced to buy at least two pieces of this small gadget.

Base on the product manual, the Power Saver Max is an electrical device that helps reduce electrical consumption of inductive or motorized home equipments such as air conditioners, electric fans, water pumps, washing machines, and many others. It recycles the partial electrical waste generated by the said inductive equipments. The recycled electrical power is the feed back to the same circuit at the same time thus reducing the need for electrical power flow.

Special Features:

Reduces power consumption by 20% to 35%
Reduces electrical overheating
Easy to use, no wiring is required
Surge protection function
Installs in any unoccupied convinience outlet
Maintenance free
Flickering and noise free
Rapid return on investment
One unit will work on any house circuit

To install the Power Saver Max device, just plug the unit into any socket in your premises and that’s all you need to do. For safe and reliable operation, it is recommended that the unit should be plugged into a wall socket and not into an extension chord. In addition, if you plan to leave the unit unattended for a long period of time, it would be best to unplug the unit.

So, having said all of these, are we saving money? Does the two units I bought really reduce our power consumption?

The anwers is YES.

What I did was, I retrieve our past six months electric bill statement of account and noted the due amount which was averaging 5,000.00 pesos prior to using the Power Saver Max. The first month bill with this tiny gadget at work dropped from 5,000 to 4,300 pesos. About 10-15% savings is really a huge amount counting from 2008 to present. Succeeding months are even more exciting, as our savings sometimes reach up to 20%.

Guys, I’m not promoting this product or any product, I’m just sharing my experience. You don’t have to buy or even go to the mall to see how these things work, but nothing’s wrong if you’ll give it a try.