Hi po! I just would like to share this letter for guys who are courting a woman.

Dear {Name},

Please don’t get upset if I bother you through this missive of mine. The truth is, I first gather or accumulate so much guts before I decided to write you. Please forgive me if you consider my intrusion in your privacy as a bold step on my part.

How are you? I hope you are in a very fine condition. You are in state of happiness and in God’s hand. No problem and in shape. If you are going to ask me, I’m also fine. But it will be more okey, if you are going to answer the longing of my heart.

You know why, every human being has a voice, he/she who listen, must listen into? The voice is the voice of love. This is the only voice that dwells in our heart and we should not set aside. If we are going to listed to it, we will not miss a very important chapter in our life. You’ve miss a lot of things that are important and wonderful. Try to analyse now and you’ll agree with me.

I must say my feelings towards you has never changed. Since the first time I saw you, little by little true love grew from the bottom of my heart. You are the only girl who made me feel like this. Your glance is like the ray of the golden sun that burns my heart to be in love with you.

The totality of your personality serves as my inspiration to strive harder in life. I don’t know, I hope fate will not permit it. But if you will not be the one I’ll hold to walk the aisle, I will say without batting an eyelash that I will remain single in all my life.

I am requesting you then to listen to the voice you must listed into. And this voice is the voice of love that I offer you.

Sincerely yours,

{Your Name}